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Stop begging me for money, Annie Idibia warns online beggars

2Face’s wife, Annie Idibia, has warned online beggars who have been begging her for money to quit because she also has her own responsibilities to shoulder.

According to the mother of two who was livid with anger at the way people beg her for money, she is willing to help promote people’s businesses by any means possible but she is not rich enough to give money to the over 200,000 people begging her for money.

“This is to every single person sending me account numbers, begging me for money every second of each day; I’m also a human being, I have my own issues and struggles. We’re all fighting the same battles; I have my own issues and problems too. Please I beg you, stop asking me for money, its beginning to really piss me off. And worse are the people who constantly insult me if I don’t respond or say I don’t have.”

“If I have so much why do I work my butt off every single day? I hardly ever have time to rest or unwind. I want you to know that I will help promote or do anything to support your work or business. But I don’t have money to send to the over 200,000 people’s accounts; I don’t grow money in my house”, she ranted with anger.



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